Saturday, 14 January 2012

Loooong Bloggie

Time to update my blog!! Ive missed quite some fun memories here, so I am going to do it all at once! So there are the pictures from the zoo that i really like! I had tons of fun there but I want to go there when I am a couple haha. Everything is so lovey dovey!

During the winter holidays I have loved to make eggnog shakes!! I would blend eggnog and a banana together most morning! It gave me plenty of energy cause it was fatty and it tasted good. I have a bad sweet tooth haha. My mom likes buying the biggest bananas possible. All of our fruit are usually jumbo sized. Anways i took the pictures of the bananas cause they looked funny cause they were so so big!! Holy cow.

Also you will see a random picture of what Olivia and I do when we are bored during math prep! I dyed my hair, and I wanted it to be burgany... but it didnt turn out like that. It just turned dark brown which I am dissapointed about but I guess that is the result you get if you try to dye your hair by yourself at home. :(. Maybe ill try again in 2 months.

Also I am OBESSED with davids tea. Its a tea store in southcentre and it sells loose tea. So it has apple chunks, popcorn, sugar balls, you name it! Overpriced, but really good! For a cup of tea with no milk, its almost 3 bucks. For steamed milke it is over 4 dollars! To buy a little tin of it is $15 depending on the tea. But ahh so good. And I am drinking so much coffee lately but I think I grew immune to it... I still take naps.

So I wanted my sister to show some outfits for winter time, but she wanted "spring". But to me it looks like summer. So she played dress up and I took the pictures of them! BTW my little sister is freaking 5'8 and 1/2 and weights like 105 pounds. And she is pretty good at posing I would say. HAHA one of the poses is really funny. Ill post the picture but hopefully she doesnt get mad at me. Too lazy to put where the clothes are from and how much....

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


So today I woke up at 7.40 ish for math prep.... It was 7 hours. omg I have never been so sick of math in my life! haha. Anyways I had a pretty simple day. I had math prep for 7 hours then chilled at pangs. Then went home! Driving was kinda weird cause of the wind! It felt like someone was dancing in the backseat when the wind blows on your car! Now I am in my room and it is warm for once, maybe cause I lit my candle. It is called frosted cupcake and it smells like cake batter! yummy! I might make some tea ... Oh yes! Jenny! if you are reading this edmond was the one who commented on your picture .... -.- and then they made me type the last comment. I need to do something relaxing.. CLEAN MY ROOM! yipeeee. i think im gonna wash the walls tonight! and re arrange my whole entire closet! and ill post pictures! If i decide to go back on the computer after all the cleaning. Tah tah for now!
I thought it would be blan without any pics so.. ill post this one

Monday, 2 January 2012

Ahh missed 2 days I think.. But its all good :)

Ummm okay so the day before yesterday I believe the only thing I did that day was go to the korean market... Oh yah and my mom bought just dance 3!! Somehow Hannah is amazing at it and better than me sometimes, which was so weird and Haley just sucks (sorry :) ). Even my mom played a song in it and she won against my sister :O. So my sister Hannah and I were walking around the korean market store and it is soo small, and we were soo tall compared to all the little koreans there so there were always people trying to get by us but we would never see them. I felt like a giant, i even had my boots on with the hidden wedge in them too. So after wandering around the candy section me and my sister stumbled upon what looked like baby mayonnaise. Yes I said it, BABY MAYO. Well there were a bunch of korean mayo and one bottle had a naked baby picture. Weird advertisement... But I took a picture of it anyways. And Jenny loves this drink and I saw a huge bottle of it! I remember when she choked on that drink when she met pangpang for the first time. I wanted to buy the big bottle but it was 7 dollars!! Talk about overpriced!! Like we got kimchi for a good deal, but was 20 dollars for a jar. Yesterday my cousins and I played apples to apples which was really fun. Umm thats pretty much it. My cousin likes the japche my mom made too! So today Im just chillin then going to zoo lights ! WHipee! Ill take pictures during zoo lights, hopefully they turn out okay!
Jumbo Drink

Baby Mayonaise
Too lazy to proof read.. See you! omg i cant get rid of the white highlight on that one word. ignore it :S

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Close enough to a productive day ^-^

So today I woke up at 8! Which surprising was very hard, so coffee sure helped. I watched arthur and wasted an hour watching t.v... -.- so i wasnt headed in a good start to a productive day. I feel like Ive been so lazy lately and not doing anything important so I planned out my day so I wont feel like I am wasting it. So after that I did what felt like a lot of chores. I washed my bed sheets, cleaned my room, vacuumed, spray painted my desk, walked my dog.... phew lots of work!! But the night isnt over yet! My older cousin is coming over tommorrow. I always have fun with her because even though she is 19 she acts like my age! My house is extremly messy, plus washroom, plus my dog smells bad as usual. Its like 7.30 now so Ill still have so much cleaning to do. AHhhh. But blogging lately was pretty relaxing. Its like a journal/diary/talking to myself which I find makes me look forward to something at the end of the day.

Here are some before and after pictures of my desk, and my clean room!! YAY

From ugly dark green to white! to match my other desk

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Off to a new day!

I woke up at 10:11 today... ahh!! soo late i wasted already so much time!! :( Even though I always want to sleep in I want to wake up everyday during my holiday at 8!! Because I like waking up earlier and then going to sleep early! I am not much of a night time person. Anyways I promised my little sister I would take her out to eat for breakfast somewhere, but I guess cause of the timing it will have to be a lunch. My desk is way too small and it bugs me. I know I know its pretty random talking about this but my computer takes up all my desk space and I have no where to study. And im kinda lazy to go to the library but I guess thats what Ill have to do from now on... Hmm I wonder if there is anyway to study using things at home?

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Strawberry Yogurt Mask ^^

UPDATE!!! I have not been blogging for such a long time... Im just the type of person that cannot stick to one thing everyday!!

Anyways nothing feels better than being refreshed from a nice beauty treatment! I used the strawberry yogurt mask Jenny gave me, and I adore it so much!! Thank you! Here is kind of my little journey with this mask ...

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Its been awhile!! ^^

WoW! I am not good at a certain rountine or the same thing every single day. I wear different makeup everyday, I change the design of my room often, and I like trying new things. I am a neat freak, and i think I actually, ACTUALLY have ocd when it comes to tidyness. Anyways I cant even put my eye cream on everyday cause i change it up... besides the point, i am really bad at keeping track with my blogs and taking pictures. Its too much effort and Im lazy so I am going to get pictures from the internet. And only one person sees my blog anyways and I know Jenny wont rat me out to the internet police that I am taking the pictures :). Anyways right now, I am doing okay. Kinda stressed, my emotions are confused, and I feel like I am missing something in my life. That spark. That excitement. I dont know what it is yet, but hopefully I find it soon. Now as the leaves are changing colors, its fall! YAY! My favorite season... jk jk, i only like it cause its my birthday month. Now that I am finally 17, Im sad cause im not 18.. wah. But i had an amazing birthday that I could never forget! unfortunately I have a big lung capacity or something and blew out all my candles which mean no boyfriend for me :( dun dun dun. </3. Today I didnt do much... i ate a lot and now my stomach hurts. Do you know how those 'gurus' do their product favorite of the month, ootd, and talk to themselves on vlogs? i like that. so I am inspired to do one. And plus my sissy asked me to try it out (maybe just to laugh at me). I really wanna do a ootn (outfit of the night). I think it will be cool. So..... cause im too lazy for pics ill just list my favs for September.

-Urban Decay Naked Palette (wooohoo)
-Benefit Powder in fishnet
-Starbucks pumpkin spice latte (i thought ill just add this one in)
-Biosilk Hair serum
-Bath and Body Works candle in frosted cupcake
-Stila Smudge pot in jade
-For mascara... I just cheap drugstore stuff baha and i like loreal million lashes 


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