Saturday, 14 January 2012

Loooong Bloggie

Time to update my blog!! Ive missed quite some fun memories here, so I am going to do it all at once! So there are the pictures from the zoo that i really like! I had tons of fun there but I want to go there when I am a couple haha. Everything is so lovey dovey!

During the winter holidays I have loved to make eggnog shakes!! I would blend eggnog and a banana together most morning! It gave me plenty of energy cause it was fatty and it tasted good. I have a bad sweet tooth haha. My mom likes buying the biggest bananas possible. All of our fruit are usually jumbo sized. Anways i took the pictures of the bananas cause they looked funny cause they were so so big!! Holy cow.

Also you will see a random picture of what Olivia and I do when we are bored during math prep! I dyed my hair, and I wanted it to be burgany... but it didnt turn out like that. It just turned dark brown which I am dissapointed about but I guess that is the result you get if you try to dye your hair by yourself at home. :(. Maybe ill try again in 2 months.

Also I am OBESSED with davids tea. Its a tea store in southcentre and it sells loose tea. So it has apple chunks, popcorn, sugar balls, you name it! Overpriced, but really good! For a cup of tea with no milk, its almost 3 bucks. For steamed milke it is over 4 dollars! To buy a little tin of it is $15 depending on the tea. But ahh so good. And I am drinking so much coffee lately but I think I grew immune to it... I still take naps.

So I wanted my sister to show some outfits for winter time, but she wanted "spring". But to me it looks like summer. So she played dress up and I took the pictures of them! BTW my little sister is freaking 5'8 and 1/2 and weights like 105 pounds. And she is pretty good at posing I would say. HAHA one of the poses is really funny. Ill post the picture but hopefully she doesnt get mad at me. Too lazy to put where the clothes are from and how much....

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