Wednesday, 4 January 2012


So today I woke up at 7.40 ish for math prep.... It was 7 hours. omg I have never been so sick of math in my life! haha. Anyways I had a pretty simple day. I had math prep for 7 hours then chilled at pangs. Then went home! Driving was kinda weird cause of the wind! It felt like someone was dancing in the backseat when the wind blows on your car! Now I am in my room and it is warm for once, maybe cause I lit my candle. It is called frosted cupcake and it smells like cake batter! yummy! I might make some tea ... Oh yes! Jenny! if you are reading this edmond was the one who commented on your picture .... -.- and then they made me type the last comment. I need to do something relaxing.. CLEAN MY ROOM! yipeeee. i think im gonna wash the walls tonight! and re arrange my whole entire closet! and ill post pictures! If i decide to go back on the computer after all the cleaning. Tah tah for now!
I thought it would be blan without any pics so.. ill post this one

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