Thursday, 29 December 2011

Close enough to a productive day ^-^

So today I woke up at 8! Which surprising was very hard, so coffee sure helped. I watched arthur and wasted an hour watching t.v... -.- so i wasnt headed in a good start to a productive day. I feel like Ive been so lazy lately and not doing anything important so I planned out my day so I wont feel like I am wasting it. So after that I did what felt like a lot of chores. I washed my bed sheets, cleaned my room, vacuumed, spray painted my desk, walked my dog.... phew lots of work!! But the night isnt over yet! My older cousin is coming over tommorrow. I always have fun with her because even though she is 19 she acts like my age! My house is extremly messy, plus washroom, plus my dog smells bad as usual. Its like 7.30 now so Ill still have so much cleaning to do. AHhhh. But blogging lately was pretty relaxing. Its like a journal/diary/talking to myself which I find makes me look forward to something at the end of the day.

Here are some before and after pictures of my desk, and my clean room!! YAY

From ugly dark green to white! to match my other desk

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Off to a new day!

I woke up at 10:11 today... ahh!! soo late i wasted already so much time!! :( Even though I always want to sleep in I want to wake up everyday during my holiday at 8!! Because I like waking up earlier and then going to sleep early! I am not much of a night time person. Anyways I promised my little sister I would take her out to eat for breakfast somewhere, but I guess cause of the timing it will have to be a lunch. My desk is way too small and it bugs me. I know I know its pretty random talking about this but my computer takes up all my desk space and I have no where to study. And im kinda lazy to go to the library but I guess thats what Ill have to do from now on... Hmm I wonder if there is anyway to study using things at home?

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Strawberry Yogurt Mask ^^

UPDATE!!! I have not been blogging for such a long time... Im just the type of person that cannot stick to one thing everyday!!

Anyways nothing feels better than being refreshed from a nice beauty treatment! I used the strawberry yogurt mask Jenny gave me, and I adore it so much!! Thank you! Here is kind of my little journey with this mask ...