Sunday, 24 April 2011



 Dont mess with me. I found this lovely picture from this blogger.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Feeling in the Blues

I started getting a sore throat since two days ago, but I thought it was nothing and simply just ignored it. Now I am feeling really sick, and I dont want to go to work. I am scheduled for tom, monday, but I do not want to skip because I am still on probationary. I took this disgusting cough medicine that tasted like... Rotton grape flavoured gym socks. I still have a lot of homework to do, and I wish I had the energy to do it! I am so lazy and I take one nap everyday since my easter break started -.-
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Friday, 22 April 2011


I am pleasantley happy today. I went to Cora's for breakfast this morning and was shocked by the proportions that they give! But... I did not enjoy the crepe I ordered :(. After that I went out for sushi with my family. Yes, I did eat a LOT today!! I went home and took a nice nap and now I am sleepy and full. I think today was overall a good day, oh and i also watched a show called running man. I dont watch it but I watch the one with snsd and it was funny and enjoyable !

Jenny Waffles

My spinich and chedder crepe

Monday, 18 April 2011

What I Crave

Now with overload of homework and a chemistry project due tom. I am going to start after I make this blog, and yes I procrastinate too much! I gotta fix this habit. What i need right now... I want to escape to a paradise fillied with grassy fields, tulips and a sunset. I want to drift away in the sky to my dream land by tieing up balloons to my house. Plus I want a hot guy to come to my doorstep and give me starbucks petite cakepops, oh boyy i love those things. They are so cute and so tasty :), my mouth waters just thinking about it!! <3

Heaven >.<

My dream gateaway...

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Friday, 15 April 2011

How I clean my Room spic and span!!!

I am going through all the steps I use to clean my room, but before we start off make sure you know how to properly fold clothes or they will get wrinkled and it will be untidy.
1. Gather all your cleaning supplies. This includes your swifer duster, disinfect spray, garbage bag, etc.
2. You are going to clean in piles. Make a pile of laundry, things that dont belong in your room, foods that you have eaten. If you are cleaning your closet take everything out and sort your clothes into seperate piles.
3. After you are done all of that you are finally ready to start cleaning your room, but WAIT. You want to make this enjoyable so plug in your favorite up beat music to keep you energetic and happy because cleaning your room is a tiring chore.
4. Take everything off your desks, bed, and with your cleaning supplies, wipe down well. Dont forget to wash your walls every once in awhile because it collects a lot of dust that you can breathe into. If it is not too cold out, open you window for the dust to escape and to let fresh air in.
5. Re organize your things, and put it in a right place that you can refer back to later. Use labels, or anything else you need to do this.
6. Vaccumm!!! You do not want to be stepping on a dirty floor!
7. Once your room is clean, spray some febreeze or airwick. Or invest in a plug in scent. I like the moonlight path from Bath and Bodyworks :).
I hope this helped to anyone who has a messy room. Goodluck Jenny!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lazy Sundays

Today, it was my first day of work which I was nervous about. I woke up to get ready, but it was hard trying to pick an outfit that fit into the AE style. I went to work, and did the basics and helped around. It was fun, but I am tired from folding all those clothes. Especially underwear! Omg.. -.- I love the people I work with so far, they are super chill and nice and their goofy personalities and jokes makes work fun. I still dont know how much I get paid because I didnt ask lol. Now I am at home, and my legs hurt. Overall my day went well. What made me happy today was work, sticking my head out the window of the car and having the wind blow my hair, and looking at my cute totoro tissue cover. Im starting to think Im obessed with kleenex boxes. I went to shoppers today and I went to the tissue asile and started to look at which kleenex box to buy.... and they were expensive too.... hmmm I'm weird. But I didnt buy any! Im happy its going to be easter soon! Yipee, I hope the easter bunny comes to my house and leaves me chocolates. And I hope my sisters gets me present or ill be kinda sad. This blog is very random, so my sentences wont flow together nicely. I really want a haircut soon, I trimmed a inch myself but I wanna go to the salon and get it cut and colored. LOL. Lalalalalalalalalalala. Tralalalalalala.

Burgers, fries, milkshakes, OH MY

My day yesterday but posted today... Some confusion may occur
Ive been eating very unhealthy lately but this was to the extreme! I had two breakfasts, then went to Mcdonalds to eat a combo meal, and had a steak and mushroom dinner. I got a massive headache which I believe was from all the junkie food Ive ate.

 I used to HATE Mcdonalds so so much, but as I am getting older I am liking it more... Which is not a good thing. I still didnt try the new Mcdonalds Creme egg flurry, i hope it doesnt dissappear before I get to try it. Problem is that it is something I only want one spoonful of, cause it is way to sweet for me. I guess I'll have to find someone that will share with me.

Fruitopia ;P
 I always loved fruitopia, but I feel that it tastes weird when you drink it from the can. I like getting it at the movies or Mcdonalds, but ice tea is number one for me. Talking about drinks, I got the tim hortins smoothie and I got a small which is really small. It is not worth your money, and I'm pretty sure the women charged me extra.. :(

Friday, 8 April 2011


My cutie
Picture collected from this site!!
I havent blogged for a really long time! At least it feels like it because of school work, Ive been having too much lately. Sighh. Anyways nothing exciting has happened to me, besides the fact I got a job!!! YAY! I am really excited to work in retail and I hope it is not too scarey. Today I went to chinatown and to the mall which was fun. I picked out the cutiest kleenex case! It has totoro on it :) hehe. And i got a pink romper from forever XXI, and also a nose clip. You probably have no idea what a nose clip is. It is simply a clip that pinches your nose, and gradually your nose will become thinner and less round. I hope it works for me, because its hard to breathe with it on. <3 Goodnight

Friday, 1 April 2011

SUMMER, come already!

It feels like summer is creeping up very slowly. I like looking at the snowflakes fall against my window, and the warm cup of coco and marshmellows by the fireplace but now i am seriously sick of it! I miss the orange creamsicles, the sun kissing your skin, and the coolness of a oceans wave. But I saw a shark video on youtube the other day and it really creeped me out so I dont think I will be swimming in the ocean any time soon. And i have many fears of things that live in the ocean. One time when I was swimming in BC, there was a sign that said to beware of the water snakes and I am positive I stepped on one while i was splashing my sister... Anyways I am scared of many things in life. I finally got my essay done today, but I had no idea how to do a summary essay about my personal wellness. Cause... aren't you not allowed to use "I" in essays? I feel like rambling on about my day, hehe. My mom spent $25 on a huge tub of green tea ice cream and its SO good! I really feel like eating cookies by george right now, but I dont wanna get a muffin top. I wonder what my day will be like tom.... <3
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                                                        Yummy Yummy in my Tummy!!

Kinda how I'm feeling...

April Fools!

I am starting to keep on track with my school work. I planned out a to do list today and I hope I follow it. My room is a mess and I feel like the time just passes by too quickly. Today seems like a relaxed day for me. Usually Ive been eating unhealthy and my moms ordering pizza today.... Sigh. Anyways making blogs are pretty fun, I just wish my life was more exciting to blog about, hehe. Decorating my blog page was hard for me too, it seems kinda complicated.