Friday, 8 April 2011


My cutie
Picture collected from this site!!
I havent blogged for a really long time! At least it feels like it because of school work, Ive been having too much lately. Sighh. Anyways nothing exciting has happened to me, besides the fact I got a job!!! YAY! I am really excited to work in retail and I hope it is not too scarey. Today I went to chinatown and to the mall which was fun. I picked out the cutiest kleenex case! It has totoro on it :) hehe. And i got a pink romper from forever XXI, and also a nose clip. You probably have no idea what a nose clip is. It is simply a clip that pinches your nose, and gradually your nose will become thinner and less round. I hope it works for me, because its hard to breathe with it on. <3 Goodnight

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