Sunday, 10 April 2011

Burgers, fries, milkshakes, OH MY

My day yesterday but posted today... Some confusion may occur
Ive been eating very unhealthy lately but this was to the extreme! I had two breakfasts, then went to Mcdonalds to eat a combo meal, and had a steak and mushroom dinner. I got a massive headache which I believe was from all the junkie food Ive ate.

 I used to HATE Mcdonalds so so much, but as I am getting older I am liking it more... Which is not a good thing. I still didnt try the new Mcdonalds Creme egg flurry, i hope it doesnt dissappear before I get to try it. Problem is that it is something I only want one spoonful of, cause it is way to sweet for me. I guess I'll have to find someone that will share with me.

Fruitopia ;P
 I always loved fruitopia, but I feel that it tastes weird when you drink it from the can. I like getting it at the movies or Mcdonalds, but ice tea is number one for me. Talking about drinks, I got the tim hortins smoothie and I got a small which is really small. It is not worth your money, and I'm pretty sure the women charged me extra.. :(

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