Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lazy Sundays

Today, it was my first day of work which I was nervous about. I woke up to get ready, but it was hard trying to pick an outfit that fit into the AE style. I went to work, and did the basics and helped around. It was fun, but I am tired from folding all those clothes. Especially underwear! Omg.. -.- I love the people I work with so far, they are super chill and nice and their goofy personalities and jokes makes work fun. I still dont know how much I get paid because I didnt ask lol. Now I am at home, and my legs hurt. Overall my day went well. What made me happy today was work, sticking my head out the window of the car and having the wind blow my hair, and looking at my cute totoro tissue cover. Im starting to think Im obessed with kleenex boxes. I went to shoppers today and I went to the tissue asile and started to look at which kleenex box to buy.... and they were expensive too.... hmmm I'm weird. But I didnt buy any! Im happy its going to be easter soon! Yipee, I hope the easter bunny comes to my house and leaves me chocolates. And I hope my sisters gets me present or ill be kinda sad. This blog is very random, so my sentences wont flow together nicely. I really want a haircut soon, I trimmed a inch myself but I wanna go to the salon and get it cut and colored. LOL. Lalalalalalalalalalala. Tralalalalalala.

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