Monday, 2 January 2012

Ahh missed 2 days I think.. But its all good :)

Ummm okay so the day before yesterday I believe the only thing I did that day was go to the korean market... Oh yah and my mom bought just dance 3!! Somehow Hannah is amazing at it and better than me sometimes, which was so weird and Haley just sucks (sorry :) ). Even my mom played a song in it and she won against my sister :O. So my sister Hannah and I were walking around the korean market store and it is soo small, and we were soo tall compared to all the little koreans there so there were always people trying to get by us but we would never see them. I felt like a giant, i even had my boots on with the hidden wedge in them too. So after wandering around the candy section me and my sister stumbled upon what looked like baby mayonnaise. Yes I said it, BABY MAYO. Well there were a bunch of korean mayo and one bottle had a naked baby picture. Weird advertisement... But I took a picture of it anyways. And Jenny loves this drink and I saw a huge bottle of it! I remember when she choked on that drink when she met pangpang for the first time. I wanted to buy the big bottle but it was 7 dollars!! Talk about overpriced!! Like we got kimchi for a good deal, but was 20 dollars for a jar. Yesterday my cousins and I played apples to apples which was really fun. Umm thats pretty much it. My cousin likes the japche my mom made too! So today Im just chillin then going to zoo lights ! WHipee! Ill take pictures during zoo lights, hopefully they turn out okay!
Jumbo Drink

Baby Mayonaise
Too lazy to proof read.. See you! omg i cant get rid of the white highlight on that one word. ignore it :S

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