Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Its been awhile!! ^^

WoW! I am not good at a certain rountine or the same thing every single day. I wear different makeup everyday, I change the design of my room often, and I like trying new things. I am a neat freak, and i think I actually, ACTUALLY have ocd when it comes to tidyness. Anyways I cant even put my eye cream on everyday cause i change it up... besides the point, i am really bad at keeping track with my blogs and taking pictures. Its too much effort and Im lazy so I am going to get pictures from the internet. And only one person sees my blog anyways and I know Jenny wont rat me out to the internet police that I am taking the pictures :). Anyways right now, I am doing okay. Kinda stressed, my emotions are confused, and I feel like I am missing something in my life. That spark. That excitement. I dont know what it is yet, but hopefully I find it soon. Now as the leaves are changing colors, its fall! YAY! My favorite season... jk jk, i only like it cause its my birthday month. Now that I am finally 17, Im sad cause im not 18.. wah. But i had an amazing birthday that I could never forget! unfortunately I have a big lung capacity or something and blew out all my candles which mean no boyfriend for me :( dun dun dun. </3. Today I didnt do much... i ate a lot and now my stomach hurts. Do you know how those 'gurus' do their product favorite of the month, ootd, and talk to themselves on vlogs? i like that. so I am inspired to do one. And plus my sissy asked me to try it out (maybe just to laugh at me). I really wanna do a ootn (outfit of the night). I think it will be cool. So..... cause im too lazy for pics ill just list my favs for September.

-Urban Decay Naked Palette (wooohoo)
-Benefit Powder in fishnet
-Starbucks pumpkin spice latte (i thought ill just add this one in)
-Biosilk Hair serum
-Bath and Body Works candle in frosted cupcake
-Stila Smudge pot in jade
-For mascara... I just cheap drugstore stuff baha and i like loreal million lashes 


why are you so delicious

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